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EVE Bloom Box: An Organic Postpartum Kit To Help New Mamas Heal!

Bloom Box is not about "snap back" ... It's all about healing your vagina and being gentle with yourself after giving birth.

Giving birth is quite possibly the hardest job a woman will ever do in her life, no matter how she delivers. During the first few weeks of postpartum recovery, trips to the bathroom can be messy and painful. EVE Bloom Box includes everything mama needs to help reduce the pain and the mess! It's a reminder to be gentle with yourself and take time to love on yourself and HEAL from the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Each postpartum kit includes: one upside down peri bottle and carrying bag, one bag of Organic Postpartum Herbal Bath herbs (2 oz), one (1) Muslin bag , eight (8) sanitary pads, one (1) bottle of Organic Aloe Vera Gel (10 oz), one (1) bottle of Alcohol Free Witch Hazel (10 oz), and one (1) blue freezer storage bag.

Take the first step in your healing journey, order a Bloom Box today! 


The Bloom Box was a great addition to my postpartum regimen for optimal vaginal recovery. The herb bath even helped my newborn's umbilical stump heal in record time. 

Alice Tajani

I absolutely loved my BLOOM BOX ! It helped significantly with my physical postpartum healing 🙏🏾❤️

Amani Dashiell

The Bloom Box is everything! The padsicles soothed my vajayjay, the herbal bath helped my swelling and lessened my bleeding! This is a must have for all new mothers! 

Nikki West

The Bloom Box is a postpartum essential for "care down there" after giving birth. I absolutely loved the herbal bath, it was so soothing and it helped me heal quicker! So go ahead and order your refill now, you will not regret it. Thanks Eve for packing all of the essentials in one kit! I know this helped my recovery. 

Crystal Monio